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The Tesla is Retesting over 53,000 Cars for Parking Brake Problem



Tesla may have an enormous issue staring it in the face as the organization has issued an intentional worldwide review for 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles to repair a glitch in the stopping brakes.

While the automaker asserts the issue appears to influence simply two percent of the 53,000 units, the organization has selected to review every one of them for wellbeing reasons. Vehicles from the reviewed group were produced in the period amongst February and October 2016.

Tesla additionally noted it got no reports recommending the stopping brake issue has brought about any mischances or wounds.

In an official clarification, the electric auto maker said the issue originates from a touch of gear that could have been created despicably by our untouchable supplier. “Tesla as of late found a potential assembling issue with the electric stopping brakes introduced on all the Tesla vehicles that could keep the stopping brake from discharging,” the organization included.

We don’t trust this issue would ever prompt a security worry for our clients, and we have not seen a solitary mishap or harm identifying with it. Notwithstanding, to be excessively wary, we will be proactively supplanting these parts to guarantee that no issues emerge.

Proprietors of influenced vehicles can hope to get further review see by email soon, Tesla claims “it is protected to proceed the customary utilization of your vehicle” meanwhile. On the off chance that you possess one of the broken models.

Strikingly, the review comes just fourteen days after Tesla quickly outperformed General Motors to wind up noticeably the most profitable carmaker in the US prior to this month.

Then, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has begun another organization enlivened by his wild transhumanist vision looking to change us people into cyborgs by 2020.