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Honda Reveals CRV Hybrid in Shanghai, and is likely Heading Towards the US



There’s absolutely a case to be made for doing as such.

Honda didn’t have some wild idea for the Shanghai Motor Show. Rather, it appeared something established in all actuality that could advance toward the US.

Honda’s introduction at Shanghai was a CR-V. Be that as it may, an extraordinary CR-V – it’s the CR-V Hybrid, which employs a two-engine half and half framework that is likewise found in the Accord Hybrid. That implies, it ought to make around 212 torque.

Ideally, it will accomplish efficiency figures near the Accord Hybrid’s 49 mpg city and 47 mpg parkway. Since the Accord weighs upto 3,500 pounds and the CRV is in that same park.

In the event that you think the CR-V Hybrid would do well in the US, you’re not the only one. Obviously, Honda trusts a similar thing, everything except affirming to MotorAuthority that a half and half CR-V would be a sensible stride in Honda’s arrangement to zap certain “center volume models.” Since the CR-V is one of Honda’s successes, it’s, conceivable that a CR-V Hybrid will inevitably go to the US.