Are Your Conversations Really Private?

So-called end-to-end encryption ensures privacy, but not all applications have it. In a single minute more than 20 million messages from WhatsApp exchanged. Infinity of private conversations whose content travels through the network. But in times when massive espionage programs have discovered. How private are these conversations? Many messaging apps have built-in measures to ensure […]


Instagram: Story Ads are Currently Available to All Inclusive Businesses

Instagram Stories one of the most epic features added to the service. When something fresh comes along, businesses and social media marketers always get a way to exploit on its use. Fresh creative approaches to branded story impressive are born. Businesses can create extremely sleek and engaging stories that cause leads. Because Facebook owns Instagram, […]


Google, Facebook Ordered to Decrypt The Data By New Australian Law

The Australian government is executing laws that’ll weight tech giants like Facebook and Google to unscramble messages for psychological oppressor and criminal agents, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared on Friday, reports the ABC. Agents would request help from Apple, Facebook, Google and others in cases in regards to fear mongering. Pedophile rings and medication trafficking. “We […]